Water Park Means More Business

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PALMERTON -- Machinery moves through a wooded area at the Blue Mountain ski area in Carbon County. Crews are making room to construct Summit Splash. It will be a $20 million water park.

General Manager Jim Dailey said it's part of Blue Mountain's expansion to make it a recreational spot for all seasons.

"We're working hard to keep it like a grove experience, use the rolling topography, it gives it more character and keep the trees similar to your experience if you've been to Knoebels."

Although Summit Splash will only be open during the warm weather, Dailey explained it will mean up to 100 more jobs will have to be filled.

"We sell outdoor fun, enjoyment of the outdoors and this is an extension of that, during our off season and it gives us the opportunity to employ more key people, we are a seasonable business."

The water park is expected to generate money at other businesses including bars and restaurants.  Lea Schardlien works at Riverlock Saloon and Restaurant.

"More tips, more business, busier, which is always good," Schardlien said.

Of course spending time at a water park means being exposed to the sun.
Pharmacist Leo Stanus said that could mean buying things like sun screen.

"It could improve business somewhat, overall in the town it will increase our business here and there."

Blue Mountain Ski officials predict the water park should be open in 2015.