Bomb Threats: Students Serving Time in Class?

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SCRANTON -- The students are likely to suffer the consequences if any more bomb threats are made in the Scranton School District.

Administrators have already expelled two students for making them, they are now talking about modifying school schedules:

This week, all parents in the Scranton School District received an automated call saying that two children got caught making threats. The message also said that if there's a bomb threat at a school, every student at that school may have to pay the consequences.

"I don't like to see it for the senior kids because it messes up their summer vacation, and it messes up all the kids vacations. But, if it stops the threats, fine," said Tom Brown, who has four grandchildren in Scranton schools.

The district is considering adding time to the end of the school year. But meanwhile, those two students from South Scranton Intermediate School have been expelled and criminally charged for making false bomb threats.

The superintendent said there's been a bomb threat at all but one of Scranton's secondary schools. The first was at West Scranton High School, students there lost an entire day of class. And since then, the superintendent said each school has lost about two hours of its day.

"If we lose an hour of instructional time because we have to evacuate a building because of a false threat, then we're working with the teachers' union to try and get that hour back," Scranton Superintendent Bill King said.

King said that could mean a school day would be extended or added onto the end of the year. He hopes that works as a deterrent.

The district no longer sends students home if there's a threat, but officials will still evacuate a building just in case.

"We're going to continue to respond the way we've been responding but we're also going to find out who's doing it, and we already found two," added King.

Those two accused students face felonies for the threats. Other students in other districts have been caught, but administrators there haven't yet considered making up for lost time.