Natural Gas Gate Station

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WYOMING -- There has been a lot of resistance to the UGI Gas Company plan to link a natural gas line from the Marcellus Shale to the Wyoming Valley.

On Wednesday, officials from the company wanted to show people what proposed gate and compressor stations do.

Gate stations act as connectors between large pipelines and smaller pipes that deliver natural gas to homes and businesses.

UGI plans to build more of these gate stations and the company says it wants people to know these stations are safe.

You may not even notice UGI gate stations such as the one along Wyoming Avenue in Wyoming.

"It's an interconnection where two pipelines meet. It is probably the most environmentally-benign facility that you can have in the energy production industry," said Joseph Swope, UGI Utilities Communications Director.

The gate stations are necessary parts of the natural gas delivery system. There are more than 100 UGI gate stations like this across the state. The one in Wyoming has been there more than 50 years

It collects gas, regulates its pressure, and distributes it to buildings nearby. Once the gas is heated up and comes inside the station, that's when the pressure is regulated.

UGI wants to build another gate station on a hill in West Wyoming. It's going through the approval process right now.  UGI says more stations mean getting natural gas to more people.

"Putting a gate station up to allow us to take gas, get gas from a local source, and serve local customers is saving customers on average over $3 million a year," said Swope.

Barbara Dominick has lived across the street from the gate station for 15 years and says neighbors of the possible new station in West Wyoming have no reason to worry.

"We've never had a problem. I've seen a lot of men working over there at different times, but we've never had a problem of any sort."

Initially, UGI wanted to build a compressor station in West Wyoming.Compressor stations are larger than gate stations and those plans caused a bit of a stir in West Wyoming.

UGI now plans to build that compressor station in Washington Township in Wyoming County.