Water Project Means Better Fire Protection

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MOUNT CARMEL -- A lot of money is being spent by a water company in Northumberland County to improve water service and fire protection.

Crews from Aqua Pennsylvania are replacing water mains in Mount Carmel.  They are digging up more than a mile of pipe on Fifth Street, Tate Hunsinger said as the mains age, they become corroded inside reducing water pressure.

"There is a lot of work to be done here. I would say the average age of the pipe is close to 80 to 90 years old. This is our fourth year in the borough doing main replacements. It's a thing we need to do and we're committed to making improvements to the water system here."

Part of the project is connecting the new eight-inch water mains are larger than the old ones. They'll be connected to new fire hydrants. The wider lines mean more water to fight fires.

Firefighter Jack Williams said water is his first weapon in trying to put out a blaze.

"As long as they keep improving we love it! Firefighters love all the water that they can get, it helps us put out the fire much faster."

The bigger water mains will also mean better pressure to customers including Carl Short who lives on Fifth Street.

"The lines in the ground are probably 50 plus years old and you know to drink that water kind of scary ." Short said.

Aqua Pennsylvania officials said they will be spending $10 million on projects just like the one in Mt. Carmel in other areas of Northumberland, Schuylkill and Columbia counties.