Taste Test: Cracker Creations

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Cheese, crackers and sometimes some wine, a few appetizers and drinks that can be nice to have around during a get together.

Cracker Creations has come out with two new cheese and cracker combination flavors, so we took them to a winery in Tunkhannock for a taste test.

Cheese and crackers, one of the more common snacks to have out during a get together, but what if you could have the cheese and crackers combined, gourmet style?

Well now you can. Cracker Creations has come out with two new flavored crackers that have a cream cheese filling.  Garden vegetable and Parmesan herb.

To put the crackers and cheese to the test we headed to the Nimble Hill Winery Tasting Room in Wyoming County to try to match them with the perfect wine.

We lined up our wine tasters and laid out the crackers, and within a few minutes they found the perfect combinations.

First up the Parmesan herb.

"When I first tasted it I noticed the sharpness of the Parmesan was prevalent with a little bit of herb which I think was more in the cracker. And just spoke to me in red wine because Parmesan Reggiano cheese goes good with red wine. So we paired it with the Merlot and I thought it went really well," said wine maker Kevin Durland.

And for the garden vegetable.

Kevin Durland:"It absolutely was true to its taste. I picked up bell peppers right away and some tomato and I just thought of our dry rose' would go well with it. Although a sweeter blush like she's drinking here also would work well with it."

Aside from the wine and cheese matching, the convenience of having just the right portion of cracker and cheese combined was a big hit.

Michelle:"It's not typical that you have the cheese with the cracker, usually you have to get out the cheese and you have to get out the crackers this it a little bit different.  Vicki Durland: "You don't know how much to cut. The cheese always gets dried up and hard if you don't have a cover over it. Well who wants to cover their cheese while they're having a party. It's, they're perfect, I loved them."

Another huge hit?

Vicki:"I love the packaging, the way that you don't have to open the whole package and then the whole box of crackers is stale. If you only want to eat two crackers can eat two crackers."

All tasters agreed they were the perfect appetizers to have around for a gathering

"It would be great at a party. Very quick, like if you had people coming over and you didn't know they were coming over you could just put that right out," said employee Deborah Synder.

We found Lances new Cracker Creations at Walmart for $2.78 a box. One box has twelve filled crackers.