Suspicious Fires Spark Talk of a Connection

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WEST HAZLETON -- Another arson in Luzerne County. The fire chief in West Hazleton ruled a fire that broke out Monday night as arson, and about an hour later, another fire sparked in Hazleton just a mile away. That was ruled suspicious.

Cell phone video shows smoke billowing from a home on North 3rd Street in West Hazleton as fire trucks arrive. Little did firefighters know, this would be just the first stop of the evening.

"From the inside, it was all smokey. All we saw was smoke coming out of the chimneys," said Nancy Yaskanich, of West Hazleton.

Nancy Yaskanich lives across the street from the home that she says has been causing problems for a while.

"Kids going about the street, in and out of the house," said Yaskanich.

She says no one has lived in the house for years. Now fire officials are calling this fire arson.

"I hope they find out who did and take care of it."

Neighbors say they saw fire trucks get called out from this fire to another one in Hazleton. Officials are still trying to determine if the two are related.

A fire sparked here on North Fulton Court in Hazleton just an hour later, only a mile away from the fire in West Hazleton. Officials haven't ruled this one arson but say it's suspicious. The building is also vacant. It was condemned back in January.

Nancy Yaskanich is worried more fires may be set.

"I wouldn't want to see someone's house that people are living in go up in flames for you know, somebody being stupid," said Yaskanich.

Anyone with information about the fires is asked to call the Hazleton or West Hazleton police or fire departments.