Historical Document to be Unveiled in Milton

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MILTON -- A piece of local history was recently found in Northumberland County, and it will soon be unveiled to the public.

While cleaning out the former Milton Public Library, volunteers found the original deed to Milton, which was written in 1790.

It may look like just a piece of paper, but officials at the Milton Historical Society on Route 405 say this document has a lot of history behind it.

When volunteers were cleaning out the former Milton Public Library last summer, someone found a folded up piece of paper inside a vault.

"When they opened up the piece of paper it looked an awful lot like a deed. It turned out to be the original deed of Milton," John Meckley said.

John Meckley is a member of the Milton Historical Society. He says Milton was founded in 1790, which was when the deed is dated.

"Having known what the story was about Milton and reading this piece of paper, it tracks the story exactly," Meckley said.

The deed was hand-written on vellum, which is sheepskin. It has original seals on it from both Northumberland and Philadelphia Counties.

"The seals are very well-preserved. The ink is well-preserved. We're just very lucky to have it," Meckley said.

The deed was recently authenticated at the Northumberland County Courthouse.

"I think it was totally forgotten for i don't know how many years. I'm just excited something this local is still here," Jim Shampanore said.

The deed will be introduced to the public next Thursday at Milton Historical Society's annual dinner. Meckley will discuss Milton's history and how the deed was found. After that, the deed will be displayed at the Milton Public Library.