Drug Suspects Rounded Up In Northern Tier

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Law enforcement in Wyoming County was busy Tuesday morning, rounding up more than 20 suspected drug dealers from across the northern tier.

It began early in the morning. More than 20 teams of troopers, U.S. Marshals, and other investigators served warrants throughout the northern tier, rounding up a total of 21 suspected drug dealers.

Troopers say these individuals were street-level and mid-level dealers, all working separately selling heroin, methamphetamine and bath salts.

One by one, suspected drug dealers were walked into the state police barracks near Tunkhannock.

Troopers say they've spent months organizing this round-up of alleged drug dealers throughout the northern tier.

"Even though all these people aren't related to each other, to one central drug ring, they do talk, so we try to go out and do it all at one time," said Trooper Martin Connors.

State police spent hours arresting these individuals, many of them with prior drug records.

"I think that's excellent, that they can get all those types of drugs off the street, especially in such a small town," said Will Finkler of Tunkhannock.

According to court papers, many of the people picked up by law enforcement had been dealing drugs for quite some time, and in very public places, one of them in the Walmart parking lot near Tunkhannock.

Court records show one suspect, Jeremy Broody, dealt to undercover troopers in the parking lot of a laundromat a block away from the Tunkhannock borough police department.

"That's worse than bold," said Charles Huffman of Tunkhannock.

"I think they almost want to get caught sometimes, you know, like they feel like they're superior, like nothing's going to touch them," Will Finkley said.

Randy Langley of Tunkhannock is opening a business in that same building where drugs allegedly were exchanged and hopes this round-up keeps illegal activity away from his business.

"I'd be concerned, you know, definitely, that we'd have that kind of activity and other kinds of activity that could come along with those transactions."

Troopers say they still have five outstanding warrants for drug dealers throughout the northern tier and there were an additional 10 warrants for suspects in New York State.

Bail for many of the individuals rounded up was set at $25,000.

They're all scheduled to be back in court next week.