Fire Victims Want Answers

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ASHLAND -- A fire hit a vacant home in Schuylkill County and a high school student is being credited with leading some family members to safety.

Ashland fire officials say this weekends blaze started in one side of a double block home on Brock Street.  That side was empty but smoke and heat damaged the other side of the home.

Fire victim Tianyan Menne said she wants to know what happened.

"I would really like to know because if my brother didn't wake me up I don't think I would survive because of the smoke."

Tianyan's mother said she wants answers too.

"It was so close to her bedroom, it was very upsetting, it was terrifying! ."

A North Schuylkill High School student,Travis Stephens, is credited with leading many members of his family to safety.

"My whole life could have been changed in manner of minutes," Stephens said.

Travis Stephens said he searched for family members and pets in the thick smoke.

"It was pretty terrifying. It's the first time i ever got lost in my own house,when I went upstairs to get my cat I didn't where I was going I was in a daze."

The damage could have been worse. Tianyan said her newly-decorated bedroom was hit with smoke.

The fire chief said it's too early to tell what caused the blaze. The fire victims say they need to know.