“Consoler-In-Chief” Comforts Boy From Our Area

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SCRANTON -- The President of the United States becomes consoler-in-chief for a little boy from our area and now the hug is getting all kinds of national attention.

The white house invites tens of thousands of kids and parents to take part in its Easter Egg Roll on the Easter Monday every year but it's a little boy from the Scranton area who is getting all the attention.

The story is on media websites all over the world, reporting about 5-year-old Donovan Frazier from Scranton getting a hug from President Obama.

The Easter Egg Roll has been held at the white house for decades, a fun event for kids from all over the country, but President Obama saw that little Donovan wasn't enjoying himself like the other boys and girls.

They are the images from the White House Easter Egg Roll getting a lot of attention:  Donovan Frazier sitting, shedding some tears.

Catching the concern  and a hug from the President of the United States  and all the national reports include that Donovan is from Scranton, at the White house With his dad Donnie.

President Obama was making his way through all the kids when he spotted Donovan crying.  One report says he fell. He asked the boy what's wrong, told him he could keep his egg and said "shake it off."

Then he offered the little guy a hug. And apparently the boy did shake it off. The hug from the president worked.

Leading up to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, the big story was whether it would be impacted by federal budget cuts, but the event that dates back to the 1800s went on.

Donovan certainly didn't know much about all that and the tears from that little boy from our area became a bigger story than the politics.

There were athletes and celebrities at the White House for the Easter Egg Roll but it's not photos of them getting all the attention. It's seems little Donovan Frazier stole some of the spotlight.