Finally Home, a Veteran Enjoys a Special Easter

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MAYFIELD-- For 2-year-old Anabelle Brummett and her 6-year-old sister Makayla, 2013 may be the best Easter ever

Their aunt Jenn Woznick is home after being away for 8 years in the army, and supper is at her place.

Woznick says "My family, they were so excited when they knew I was coming home for good. It's really nice. I feel very loved."

It was a big day of firsts.

The first Easter together as a family, and Jenn's first time hosting the holiday. Typically, sister Lisa Brady is the family's "top chef."

"She is doin good pickin out the food. We'll see how everybody likes it," Brady says with a wink and a laugh.

This season of new beginnings has been a long time coming. Jenn's military career started when she went to basic training as a high school junior. She travelled the world with stops in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Woznick recalls, "In Iraq we decorated our office. I was sad because I wasn't home with my family."

She wasn't the only one who felt like something was missing

Little Makayla says,"I really missed her."

By noon on Sunday the ham was baking in the oven, the marshmellows on the sweet potatoes were ready to melt, but most of all Jenn was finally having Easter at home with her family.