Savannah Paulhamus 9 year old State Wrestling Champion

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Inside the Piper Aviation Museum in Lock Haven is where you find Mat-Town USA, a wrestling club facility opened up by former Lock Haven head wrestling coach Neil Turner. Today members of the Lady Eagles wrestling club at Lock Haven work out with 9 year old Savannah Paulhamus from Montoursville and 10 year old Patience Guilds from Troy. Terry Fike is the Lady Eagles head coach.

"We we're speaking a few moments ago about how the quality of wrestling in Pennsylvania among the boy's and the college age group. We would like to see our women be able to do the same thing and there's no reason why we can't we just need to provide the opportunity for them," said Terry Fike.

The opportunity is there for 50lb 3rd grader Savannah Paulhamus and she is on the track to success. The 9 year old warrior wowed the crowd at states again in Harrisburg this year winning her second state title.

"What do you have to do when your out there on the mat to win to get those trophies? Wrestle hard! What's your favorite move? I was talking to you earlier about it. The Peterson, and the half and the cradle," said Savannah Paulhamus.

"I wrestled in high-school and a lot of my family wrestled. One day she just came home from school and said she wanted to wrestle and I kind of chuckled about it. Yeah right. Savannah's going to wrestle, but it's turned into this huge accomplishment," said Eric Paulhamus.

"It's really good to know that we have more girl's interested and there starting out young like Savannah and there actually doing really well," said Sam Boozer-Lady Eagles freshman.

"She's very kind and she's really good wrestler, and it's really fun to wrestle with her," said Patience Guilds.

While Savannah is preparing for some freestyle events coming up this summer members of this Lady Eagles wrestling club are off to Oklahoma City to compete at University Nationals. There will be some 20 universities and over 200 women wrestlers.

"Very excited. It's my first time competing in the nation for college. So far this year we've traveled to Canada to compete so it'll be cool to see people within the nation," said Megan Kelly-Lady Eagles freshman.

Terry Fike hopes to continue the growth of wrestling for women. Mat Town USA provides them the opportunity.