Foster Family Bonds at Fishing Opener

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MAHANOY TOWNSHIP, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY-- The snow is melting, the stream is running, and the bean soup is steaming.

There's plenty of sunshine at the Whipoorwill Dam, and yes, the fish are biting!

Saturday was first day of trout season in Schuylkill County.

6-year-old Kierstyn Reed of Pottsville caught and released 15 fish before 11AM.

We asked her, "What's the trick to catching fish?" She repiled, "To put worms on it.. and then the fish eat the worms... so then you could catch a fish."

Think she's small fry?

18-year-old Jake Barker's been fishing since he was 2. He plans to move to Florida and go pro.

He says,"It's exciting. It's something you have to try to understand how amazing fishing is."

Some people fish by themselves, some people fish with friends, but for many folks most fishing is about family.

11-year-old Shane Hitz is enjoying the opener with his foster parents of four months, Angela and David Weiser.

We asked him what makes the Weisers special? He answered, "They're funny, they have a good personality, and they are really good to me."

Angela Weiser says outdoor activities really make an impact on foster kids. "A lot of the children in fostering don't get the chance to go out and do the things that we do with the children. It's a lot of memories that they have and develop. It means a lot to the children and us."

The Wiesers have been foster parents for 20 years. Angela say it's hard to know what the future holds, but for now the family is together for the start of spring, Easter, and fishing.

Shane says, "When you are trying to catch for a fish you have to have patience. In life you have to have patience."

A lifelong lesson the 11-year-old learned from fishing.

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