Snow Bunnies Hit Slopes For Easter Weekend

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BLAKESLEE -- It was a good day for skiers this Good Friday as area resorts are still open late in the season.

Folks at Jack Frost/Big Boulder say the early Easter holiday as well as the colder than usual temperatures have been a big boost to business.

The slopes were hopping with happy snow bunnies on this Easter weekend here at Jack Frost ski resort near Blakeslee.

With a colder-than-usual March, the resort has been able to say open far later than most years, something these ski lovers are taking well advantage.

“It’s bizarre but fun, really fun,” said Rosemarie Miller of Downingtown.

“It’s awesome, last year there was no snow at all so we couldn’t do it, this year it’s great that we were able to come out here,” said Howie Lindenbaum from New York City.

Employees agree this winter has been wonderful for them.

The resort was one of the first to open for the season with snow guns running in November.

And having an early Easter with this colder weather has been great for business with many families now on spring break.

“This is kind of unusual after last year, we usually don’t get skiing this late in the month so the temperatures have been running below normal, so we’re taking advantage of it, we’ve been busy right up to this point,” said Mark Daubert, the general manager at Jack Frost Big Boulder.

The Shaffer family came up from Bloomsburg after learning the slopes would be open.

“We thought the skiing was all done and then last week, hey we’re going to come and it was the best skiing we’ve had all winter, really, “said Henry Shaffer of Bloomsburg.

“You can’t beat that, it’s a really good Friday,” said Henry’s son, Dave.

There’s even an Easter egg hunt set for Saturday.

“There will be a season pass in a couple of the eggs so you could get a complimentary season pass,” said Daubert.

“I guess if they have colored ones it will be pretty easy but if you forgot to dye them, then you’d be out of luck,” laughed Jim Shaffer of York. “The white ones are hard to find.”

And there could be more skiing time in store.

Folks at Jack Frost Big Boulder say they’ll still deciding whether to stay open for another weekend.