Golfers Anxious For Warmer Weather

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TAYLOR -- Some golfers took advantage of the milder temperatures Friday to hit the links, many for the first time this year.

Golfers at Pine Hills Country Club in Taylor were enjoying the weather after months of icy chill.

"Last March was really great, we got out early, this year it just seems to be dragging out with the weather, trying to get out, but the weather has not been cooperating," said Mike Peregrim of Old Forge.

"What a difference a year makes. Last year we were only closed a few weeks, this year we are struggling to get open," said Gregg Kozar of the country club.

While some were wearing t-shirts, even shorts, the weather was not warm by any stretch of the imagination.

Still, the linksters said they take what they can get.

"You know it is what it is, you take it when you can get it and there you have it," said Brian Berger of Dunmore.

"Last year was much nicer, it was warm and we have layers of clothes on now and it's cold," laughed Rick Peters of Glenburn. "It's all we can do every year, just deal with what comes."