Flower Business Blooms For Easter

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MONROE TOWNSHIP -- In addition to going to church and hunting for eggs, a big part of Easter for many people is buying flowers.

Large tents filled with flowers pop up all over our viewing area during this time of year.

Newswatch 16 stopped by one in Snyder County and found people buying Easter flowers.

Hyacinths, lilies, tulips and more; colorful potted flowers filled the inside of a tent along Routes 11 and 15 near Selinsgrove.

"I buy them for my kids every year.  I have seven children and I try to buy them all flowers if I can," said Jim Carr of Northumberland.

There was a steady stream of shoppers at this flower tent.  Many say it is a tradition to buy Easter flowers for their loved ones.

"Every year, every holiday, got to make them happy.  It makes us happy to give them to them," said Dianne Keister of Selinsgrove.

Candy Lloyd and her granddaughter Kallie picked out a blue flower for Kallie's mom.

"This is her first year, but usually I'll buy my mom a flower at Eastertime.  It's the time of year to buy those types of flowers," Lloyd said.

These flower tents carry around 14 different types of plants.  Employees say the most popular choices are the tulips and the hyacinths.

"For preference, I'd rather have a hyacinth because they smell so pretty," said Esther Phillips of Selinsgrove.

"I love hyacinths, and I noticed my mother's were starting to come up at her house so she'll have more to add to it,"  Keister added.

"Replant them every year and they make your house smell good.  I buy hyacinths every year," said Carr.

The flower tent along Routes 11 and 15 near Selinsgrove will be open through Easter Sunday and will reopen a few weeks later for Mother's Day.