Easter Creativity: Making the Old, New

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Looking for some unique ways to spruce up old Easter decorations to look like new?

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey spoke with local craft expert Francine Pisano Dudziec. Dudziec writes a bi-monthly column The Valley's Child.

"So if you have a family heirloom basket that you don`t want to destroy but you still want to reuse or up-cycle, there`s a quick easy way if you have a ballerina in the family. Get some tool, cut it into small pieces, and we`re using the wire basket, work from the inside out.  Make a little loop and pull it through anything that has holes around it. Make a great tutu basket. Embellish it with ribbon," said Dudziec.

"Another item if you want to be a little more creative if you have some old shoe boxes, you can embellish these with cotton balls. Get copier or construction paper, glue it around the edges. Glue cotton balls on get a bunny face and you`re good to go!"

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