Easter Creativity: Baskets

As the Easter holiday approaches, candy sales aren`t the only things causing registers to  ring like crazy at area stores!

Newswatch 16`s Ryan Leckey spoke with a local creative expert who has some innovative ideas for the Easter holiday.

“If you`re not into the traditional basket, the rainbows, and foo foo, and bows, there`s a great way to up-cycle any item in your house as long as it`s smooth surface. It gives you a minimal approach. It`s chalkboard paint, you can get at any hardware store,” said Francine Pisano Dudziec.

Dudziec writes a bi-monthly column The Valley’s Child and is a crafting professional.

“As long as the surface is smooth, you just paint it around there and it makes a great, great item for kids to play on and reuse. The types of products, you can use an old bucket, a planter, anything that`s plastic and sticks to most surfaces.  Instead of adding candy, give the child chalk or toys in there or summer items,” said Dudziec.

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