22-Mile “Cross Walk” on Good Friday

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SNYDER COUNTY -- Christians around Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania, and around the world marked Good Friday today.  That's the day they believe Jesus Christ died on the cross.

In Snyder County, members of one church observed Good Friday by taking part in a 22-mile cross walk.  They took turns carrying a 12 by 6 foot cross on their backs.

Brent Ulrich was hard to miss as he carried the cross on his back on Paxtonville Road near Middleburg.

"Just to show love for Jesus.  That's what he did for us, so I'm going to pay back and do it," Ulrich said.

Ulrich and other members of Christ Church in Beaver Springs observed Good Friday by taking turns carrying the 100 pound cross.

"We go 20-some miles today from Selinsgrove to Beaver Springs and spread the word of the gospel and what Jesus Christ sacrificed for us today," Chris Harvey said.

This is the first time that members of Christ Church are doing a cross walk on Good Friday.  About 30 men took turns carrying the cross for up to a mile at a time.

"That cross may weigh 100 pounds, but when you walk a half mile with it, you feel it digging into your shoulder, and you can only imagine what suffering Christ went through carrying his cross," Harvey said.

"It was gratifying.  I could tell there was something there, and Jesus didn't have wheels on his, so it was a lot easier on me than it was on him," Kevin Rager said.

The walk from Selinsgrove to the church took most of the day.  Along the way, people took pictures of the walkers.  Church members gave out crosses made out of nails with a poem attached.

"I believe in Jesus Christ so I wanted to come," Robin Kauffman said.

After the 22-mile walk through Snyder County, everyone ended up at Christ Church in Beaver Springs for a special Good Friday service.