Mother Accused Of Molesting Teens

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MOOSIC -- A mother from Lackawanna County is accused of raping and molesting two teenage boys who came to her house to spend time with her own children.

Kimberly Eiden, 40, of Moosic, a mother of two, faces a long list of charges. She is locked up on 19 charges related to the alleged sexual contact with 13-and-14-year-old boys.

At her arraignment, prosecutors said it is rare to have a female defendant in a case like this, let alone a mother, but that's how police believe she came in contact with the boys.

A 14-year-old boy told police it was on the back porch of a home in Moosic that a mother in the neighborhood made her first sexual advances.

The boy from out of the area told his parents, and then police, that his relationship with Kimberly Eiden eventually escalated to rape.   The boy says Eiden forced him to have sex with her several times last summer.

"Once the initial victim came forward, he had concerns about other individuals and we did speak to another child who came forward. That's what the second set of charges are for. So, if people have other information it's always appreciated and I would refer them to the Moosic Police Department," said Assistant District Attorney Patricia Lafferty.

Moosic police made the arrest as Eiden was being discharged from a hospital in Scranton. She was immediately taken to be arraigned on 19 child sex abuse charges for allegedly raping that 14-year-old and molesting another 13-year-old boy.

Eiden's neighbors in Moosic said they often saw children at Eiden's home but, since she has two children of her own they never suspected anything was wrong.

"I've never really had too much of a conversation with her before, never really noticed too much. It's a very family-oriented neighborhood. It's a very quiet neighborhood. I'm actually very shocked," said Alyssa Baldacci.

"Scary, yeah, it's shocking really. It's not something like vandalism where all the neighbors have reason to be concerned that such a thing could happen to them. It's more of a chosen, singular act," Gary Moss said.

Prosecutors say Eiden acted as a textbook pedophile, first buying the boys chewing tobacco and alcohol. One boy said Eiden gave him beer before forcing him to have sex. Eiden's attorney says Eiden doesn't deny having sex with the boy but says she's not in control of her actions.

"She's a mentally ill person and she needs help, she needs psychiatric help. She's needed it for a while and that's an answer to this case," Eiden's attorney Paul Walker said.

Eiden was arraigned Thursday afternoon on charges of rape, aggravated indecent assault, and corruption of minors.

She was sent to the Lackawanna County prison on with bail set at $50,000.