Miracles In Light Of Tragic Loss

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MINERSVILLE -- Hearts throughout the Schuylkill County area are hurting for a family that lost two little girls this past weekend near Orwigsburg.

The father of one of the girls spoke out, and says despite this horrific situation, the family has found comfort in knowing their girls saved several other children across the country.

Edward Williams was the father of 3-year old Catrina Williams.  He says his daughter passed away Monday afternoon, but her spirit now lives on in children across the country and that's what's helping his family move past the heartbreak.

"I'd give my last giving breath to be able to just see her smile and say 'Daddy, I love you' and hold her again."

Williams of Minersville says his 3-year old daughter Catrina was full of life, beautiful, joyful, and his little miracle.

On Sunday, Catrina and her 6-year old sister Carianna died shortly after a horrific crash near Orwigsburg. They were leaving Faith Church with their mom Victoria Place.

Williams said the news made his heart drop.

"I grabbed Vicki's brother so tight and I just cried.  I cried so much, I could see my mom in the background, she fell to the ground. It was devastating."

Faith Church Pastor Douglas Cresswell says he feels broken and is working to help others cope with this tragedy.

"There is no understanding for tragedies like this, there is no answer. I have no answer to say the whys and how things can happen like that," said Pastor Cresswell.

The family says they're finding solace knowing Catrina and Carianna both donated organs and continue to live on.

"We're not mourning anymore. We're joyful and it's what's keeping us strong because although two wonderful lives have been taken, at least half a dozen have been saved," said Williams.

Catrina's and Carianna's eyes were donated, and for two families, their children will be able to see their parents for the first time.

Catrina's kidneys are now helping a child in California.  Her lungs went to Delaware, and parts of her 3-year-old heart are helping others as well.

Each of these donations is helping to console a family, hurting, and struggling to understand.

"We will never get over this, we will not get over it, we will not forget them, we will not stop hurting, but together all of us will get through this."

A fund called the Victoria Place Children's Memorial Fund is now created to help the family financially through this difficult time.  Anyone wishing to donate can do so through any M & T Bank branch.