The Changing Landscape Of Moosic Street

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SCRANTON -- A popular rest stop for people traveling through Lackawanna County on Interstate 81 is undergoing a lot of changes.  A new plaza is going up in South Scranton and two buildings have already been torn down.

The area of Moosic Street in Scranton, just before you head up toward Lake Scranton is a busy spot for locals and travelers alike, and over the past year, the whole landscape of it has changed.

Now, there's a new plaza in the mix and business owners we talked to say the changes just make sense.

Pam Mayer's been cutting hair at her shop on Moosic Street in Scranton for 28 years. And, she says, in that time her methods and the scene out her window haven't changed much, until now.

A restaurant behind her shop was the second to be leveled in a year's time and a developer is putting in the foundation for an all-new plaza.

"It didn't really change anything except the structure of the land. It's good. There used to be a lot of garbage dumped out there and I picked it up so I'm glad that they're building," said Mayer.

Not much will change for Sharp Cuts Salon and Spotless Cleaners; that building will stay. The new plaza will have spaces for a few more businesses and eventually, city planners say, the Dunkin' Donuts will be demolished and the store will move into the new space.

"I think it's right off of Interstate 81, it's an access point, it's on the way up to Lake Scranton. I think it's just a nice location where people have access to it," Mark Seitzinger, Director of Licenses and Permits said.

Seitzinger says, for now, the plaza will be a shell of a building that can be fitted for individual tenants.

Business owners already in this area say the new plaza is just a better use of space. There will be more parking and more space.  Instead of four businesses, there will be room for eight.

"I'm very excited. It's a great opportunity for the business and other businesses also to come back there with us," said Leanna Howey of Dunkin' Donuts.

Employees at Dunkin' Donuts have a lot of work to do before moving into the new building, all of fifty feet away. But, employees say it will give them a drive-thru and plenty of room to grow.

"It's sad to see some places leave, but it's good to see the growth in the community also," said Howey.

Folks at Dunkin' Donuts on Moosic Street in Scranton say they plan to be in the new plaza this fall, and so far, there are no confirmed tenants for the rest of the storefronts. But, city officials say some law offices are interested.