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Donating Easter Baskets To Children

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MONTOUR COUNTY -- Volunteers unloaded Easter basket after Easter basket at the Janet Weis Children's Hospital at Geisinger near Danville.

The baskets and bags of stuffed animals will go to nearly 50 kids who will spend the holiday in the hospital, kids with cancer, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis and other health issues.

"I don't have any children any more at home so I thought talking at work about getting some baskets together and bringing them down here and giving them to the kids at the hospital and my boss jumped on board and it just turned into everything that you see here" said Daniel Boyd of Cargill, Incorporated.

The folks at Cargill in nearby Winfield, a company which makes and provides food, agricultural and products, pitched in.

They bought and assembled the baskets, even making special ones for kids who cannot have candy.

"I had the baskets set out on the table and i had all the grass in them and I separated the candy and counted it and marked how much of each thing so when the guys got there to help, they would know what to put in the basket, so kinda organized," laughed Judy Smith of Cargill.

Folks at the Children's Hospital said these baskets are a big help for parents who may be so stressed by having a sick child, they have not been able to make one.

Hospital workers said they have seen many people reach out to help the kids here, but it always touches their hearts.

"You can't ever get used to it, you know, we're always overwhelmed by the generosity of people in the community and honestly, we couldn't do half of what we do without the generosity of folks like Cargill," said Tracey Craddock of the hospital.