Police Believe Brother Killed Brother

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TEXAS TOWNSHIP -- Authorities now confirm it was brother killing brother in Wayne County.

The district attorney's office in Wayne County says brothers Benjamin and Kenneth Kiefer had been fighting for hours Saturday. The day ended with Kenneth dead, and Benjamin in jail.

It happened at a home along Bucks Cove Road, in the White Mills section of Texas Township.

According to a third brother and Benjamin's girlfriend, Benjamin and Kenneth Kiefer were fighting Saturday evening at several  locations in Honesdale, and in their car.  Investigators have not said what the fight was all about.

The D.A. says they continued to fight at this home.  Benjamin then went into his bedroom, came out with a handgun, and shot his big brother Kenneth at least five times.

Kenneth was declared dead at the scene, and Benjamin was arrested there as well.

Benjamin Kiefer told police the shooting was in self-defense. He is held without bail at the Wayne County jail.

The preliminary hearing is set for April 3 in Honesdale.