A Snowy Start to Spring

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HAZLETON -- Even though there wasn't much snow in our area Monday, some places south of us saw a couple of inches.

Some people said they are done with winter weather, and ready for spring and some heat.

It's the end of March, its cold, it's windy and it's still snowing. Even though we didn't have too much snowfall from this last storm system, a little snow is all it took to remind everyone winter is still here. Some people we spoke with in the Hazleton area said they just want the cold to end.

"I'm ready for spring. Walking, swimming. I'm ready for it. For three weeks now," said Patty Coleman of Zion Grove.

Dan Wynn said he put his snowmobiles away and got the motorcycles out, but now all he can do is wait.

"Ready for spring, ready to get out there and do some riding," said Dan Wynn, from Williamsport.

Some kids said, they just had their spring break and it wasn't "spring like" at all.

"Well considering we've had spring break, I'd kind of like the spring weather. But, we seem to be stuck in winter," said Shane Brophy of Bloomsburg.

One Vietnam veteran we spoke with said this cold weather has got to go.

"It's too late in the season for this kind of snow," said Jim Waschko of Hazleton."I'm a warm weather person, up in age and being a Vietnam veteran, aches and pains and that kind of thing. It's just I'm not cut out for it anymore. When I was a kid you couldn't get me out of the snow. But now once it hits 40 degrees I get like paranoid."

Even though some people don't like the snow, the reality is we've only had around six inches so far this March, and a typical March has around nine inches of snow.

Charles Hicks of Hazleton said he loves winter for one reason in particular:

"Winter is good because it keeps the criminals inside the house. I'm a senior citizen and I'm a target in this town. So therefore I love winter," said Hicks.

It's still going to be cold and below average for this week, but Easter weekend is shaping up to be pretty nice.