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Yellow Ribbon Program Helps Service Men and Women

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP — In Monroe County, hundreds of service members from different branches of the military got together for a yellow ribbon event on Saturday.

The event is designed to give service men and women and their families access to programs that will help with the deployment process.

Families said it has helped them very much.

For service men and women back from deployment, it was a day full of questions, and getting some information at the Skytop Lodge in Monroe County.

Families said the different programs the yellow ribbon event offers has helped them get back to a normal life when they get back home.

“I do appreciate it very much. It gives us time together with people you were deployed with and look at different options and venues that will help you in the future,” said Staff Sergeant Hugh Farrell yellow ribbon program.

“During the military in the Vietnam era we returned from overseas, we never had anything like this, a great opportunity for young soldiers returning from over seas, counseling the chaplin’s always here,” said Frank Sinclair of Snyder National.

The yellow ribbon program holds many events all over the country.

It’s a way to help service men and women ease the transition back to civilian life.

The program helps families with everything from jobs, to counseling, to financial aid.

“Some outstanding opportunities within the last few months of willing partners hiring our soldiers, so it is a phenomenal program,” said April Millington of the yellow ribbon program.

“The employers that are out here are looking to hire veterans, service members and thats their soul mission to get good quality people, educated with a form of discipline,” said
Sergeant first class Dominic Micciolo of the yellow ribbon program.

According to the yellow ribbon program, since 2008, more than 1.1 million national guard and reserve service members and their families have benefited from resources and services the organization provides