Tattoo Convention Comes to Scranton

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This weekend, call it tattoo time at the Hilton in downtown Scranton.

"In essence, we assemble a giant tattoo shop in our hotel but that also coincides with entertainment, music, and food," said organizer Elijah Birtel.

Birtel is helping to organize the convention.  He also owns Electric City Tattoo Gallery in Scranton.  Elijah said the event this weekend is for tattoo gurus or really anyone just looking to learn more about body art.

"The professionals who are on hand are tattooist from all over the US, mostly the east coast," said Birtel.

Among those expected to attend. Plenty of passionate people who love the permanent ink. Including allie giombolini of jessup who got her first one. At 18.

"The first tattoo was for my mom. I got it on my back. She passed away when i was younger," said Allie Giombolini.

And like many who take on tattoos, one just wasn`t enough.  Allie`s body art expanded to her feet. She decided to 'smell the roses' by making her feet flowery.

Bryan Pough is no different.

"I got my first tattoo when I was 18.  I had my chest done and I lost track of how many I have.  I`ve been getting tattoed for five years now," said Pough.

But these body art buffs do stress if you plan a permanent body makeover anytime soon. Heed this advice.

"Don`t get a tattoo unless you know what you want."

Because if not, experts said once the ink is on you. They only way to take it off is usually by expensive and sometimes painful laser treatments that could take months, if not years, to remove.

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