Cracking Down On Aggressive Drivers

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CLARKS SUMMIT -- Clarks Summit is one of many municipalities throughout the state cracking down on aggressive drivers. The borough received a state grant to pay for extra patrols.

A Newswatch 16 crew rode along with Officer Eric Williams late Friday afternoon while he was patrolling for aggressive drivers. Police said they are on the lookout for speeding, careless driving, following too closely and other violations.

"Sometimes people are in way too much of a rush to get where they are going and disobeying the traffic laws," said Chief Joseph Laguzzi, of Clarks Summit Police.

Since the crackdown started earlier this week, officers in Clarks Summit have handed out dozens of citations, most of them for speeding. People who live and travel in the area said they are glad to hear that.

"Sometimes people are flying through the area and I think it's a good thing that they're actually watching out for it," said Erin Barrett of Clarks Summit.

"When I went to the gym before I saw two people pulled over, I saw cops sitting everywhere, it was awesome. I was just going real slow," laughed Erica Perkovich of Factoryville who works in the borough.

Police in Clarks Summit said this crackdown is not so much about punishing people as it is increasing awareness and preventing crashes.

"By us going out and doing a little bit of enforcement like this, we're trying to cut down on those crashes," said Laguzzi.

The campaign in Clarks Summit runs through April 28.