Second Man Under Investigation In Jersey Shore Death

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JERSEY SHORE -- We now know a second man may have been involved in that case of a body found in crawl space at a home in Jersey Shore.

Police in Lycoming County believe that second man may have been involved with attempts made to cover up that homicide.

State police have charged Glenn Jackson with homicide after they found a man's body buried under his home in jersey shore earlier this month.glenn jackson lyc death

Now, police are turning their attention to another man, even taking DNA samples, all because they suspect he helped Jackson about a week after the alleged homicide.

Michael Krauser's body was removed from Jackson's home on South Lincoln Avenue nearly two weeks ago.

State police believe Jackson and Krauser got into a fight back in February and Jackson ended up killing, then burying Krauser in a crawl space under his home.

Jackson is charged and behind bars and Wednesday a search warrant allowed troopers to take a DNA sample from Jackson's friend Michael Winchester.

Court papers say Jackson and Winchester spent time together at the American Rescue Workers Love Center in Jersey Shore, a social services agency.

According to investigators, Winchester led them to find a blood-covered ash tray in an outdoor shed there.

Troopers say Winchester also told them he knew about Krauser's death about a week after it happened and even helped Jackson clean the home while Krauser's body was buried under the first floor.michael krauser

Winchester spoke with Newswatch 16 off camera and said he had no involvement in anything that took place after Krauser's death.

In that search warrant, however, state police say they took Winchester's DNA in order to find out if he helped hide or destroy evidence.

Winchester has not been charged.

Jackson is locked up without bail.