Recent Snow Stretches Ski Season

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TANNERSVILLE -- The recent snowfall earlier this week had some skiers and snowboarders rejoicing in the Poconos.

This time last year, the slopes were covered with only patches of snow. And a lot of dirt.

"We weren't able to get out on our last pass last year, so we said we were going to do whatever it takes to make sure we get out this time," said John Hancheck of New Jersey.

"Last year was a terrible season, it was so hot," said Julie Vence of New Jersey.

But the fresh powder and un-spring like temperatures are providing promise to the ski slopes, like Camelback Mountain Ski Area.

"We always like to say we are going to be open until April, but sometimes its hard. Last year we didn't have a great year but this year mother nature has definitely been on our side," said Megan McHugh of Camelback Mountain Ski Resort.

Alpine Mountain closed for the season this past Sunday, then it snowed. So officials started thinking they should reconsider and they did. As a result, they are reopening this weekend starting Friday afternoon. The next big question officials are asking is when are they going to close for the season.

Then over to Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, pretty much the same story of an extended season as well.

Last year the slope closed for the season by March 16th.

But this year, skiers can expect a spring ski season.

"We're looking forward to a big weekend coming up. And then actually being open right through the Easter weekend, which would be late for us. We usually go to the third weekend of March, that's our target.  But we'll finish out through at least Easter. Maybe longer, who knows, we'll see," said Jim Tust of Shawnee Mountain Ski Area.

So does this mean the Easter bunny has a few extra bunny trails to hop down?