Weather Cancels Spring Play

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Weather is affecting the spring sports schedule here in 2013. Canceling many outdoor activities for our high-school and college teams.  The University of Scranton Women's softball team has moved indoors to Freedy's GrandSlam Batting Cages in Scranton for some early season work on hitting while the Scranton Prep boy's lacrosse team continues to practice at Marywood University.

With below normal temperatures and wind chills becoming a daily occurrence in late March mother nature has forced many teams indoors. The University of Scranton women's softball team recently postponed three doubleheaders due to the recent dew in the forecast, but that's not curtailing practice. They use Freddy's Grand slam batting cages at Battaglia Sporting goods in Scranton to get in their work.

"Thank god are girls are great. We try to vary are practices so for instance we are here at Freddy's Grand slam today we are focusing on some hitting. We also go to Riverfront Sports Complex focusing more on fielding then outside we try to get to but it's been pretty tough but we use our gym in the long center," said Mia Collarini-University of Scranton head coach.

"We're definitely eager to get outside. All of us have a little cabin fever. We're ready to get outside," said Caitlin McHenry.

For the Scranton Prep boy's lacrosse team not letting mother nature get them down even though snow can still be seen here at Marywood University. The team has been practicing on these fields for the last two weeks and will have their home opener coming up on March 27th.

"Nothing we can really do about it. If the snow is going to come it will come we can't stop it. If our focus is how bad the weather is going to be then we're really not in a good spot coaching our kids," said Jon Knowles-Scranton Prep Lacrosse head coach.

"It's been chilly the last two weeks it will be the next two weeks. It's going to be cold, but that''s just part of playing lacrosse-all weather," said Joseph Preate.

So if there's a game outside you must attend, bundle up find a block of ice to sit on and cheer on those kids. This is the Newswatch 16 sports spring weather report.