Student Deaths Lead to Online Anti-drug Campaign

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A high school senior from Clinton County is dead after suspected drug use.

A viewing for Devin Stacey, 17, was underway Wednesday night after the Central Mountain student-athlete was found dead last week.

The wrestling season at Central Mountain High School near Mill Hall ended only days before one of the team's stars was found dead at the age of 17.

Investigators said Devin Stacey's lifeless body was found last week. A coroner in Centre County is waiting for autopsy results in order to say how Stacey died.

However, according to a search warrant, Stacey was using a strong painkiller before his death which he got from a woman who lives in the village of Blanchard.

"I don't think kids know nowadays how much taking a drug once can affect you and your family," said CMHS Senior Jonny Wise.

Wise does know. His brother Bobby was about to graduate when he died last year after an overdose and no one called 9-1-1.

So the Be Wise Campaign was in the works when Devin Stacey died last week. Jonny Wise launched the Facebook page and website and it caught on fast.

"Everyone's on Facebook hurting about Devin, when I put that on, I knew everyone would jump to that and agree now more than ever there needs to be a stop to what's happening."

Jonny Wise figures through Facebook, Be Wise has the potential to save lives especially because it's one student speaking to friends and classmates.

Coaches and school officials agree.

"The students need to understand the power they have over each other, sometimes that outweighs parents, sometimes that outweighs coaches and teachers," said CMHS Wrestling Coach Doug Buckwalter.

"I think it's something kids need to take seriously, there's a message out there, we hope they hear loud and clear," added CMHS Assistant Principal Nick Verrelli.

While students, teachers and more cope with another teen death possibly due to drugs, there's one teen who will keep using social media in hopes of preventing deaths from prescription drug abuse.

"One person that sees that, and it clicks in their head, oh I should not do this, people are dying, families are being hurt," said Wise.

Police in Centre County are still investigating exactly what led to Devin Stacey's death.

His funeral is scheduled for Thursday.