Stroudsburg Borough VP Caught with Heroin

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STROUDSBURG -- A Stroudsburg Borough Council member was caught with heroin over the weekend, and according to court papers, he admitted using heroin for back pain.

Neil Allen is the Vice-President of the Stroudsburg Borough Council.

He's charged with possession of heroin.

Police caught the eleven-year council member with the drug over the weekend, and borough business leaders are in disbelief.

"I feel very badly for him," said Martha Loomis, owner of Josephine's Fleur De Lis.

"Disappointment, of course. I mean, you feel bad for anyone in that situation that feels the need to address it that way," said Rich Berkowitz, President, CEO of Sherman Theater.

In a statement, the President of Stroudburg Borough Council says, 'I wish him the best for his well-being. This seems to be out of his character.  He came to meetings and was always dressed professionally. He`s a happy, very intelligent person. I'm shocked."

Police received a tip that an illegal drug deal was taking place at a bar in downtown Stroudsburg last week.

The informant told police one of the people buying heroin was Neil Allen.

Police then started investigating.

Police said on Sunday an officer spotted a suspected drug dealer in the rear parking lot of Kay's Tavern who then entered the bar.

Soon after, the man came out with the Borough Vice-President, Neil Allen.

The officer then watched a drug deal go on between the two and saw Allen put ten bags of heroin in his back pocket.

Immediately after, police arrested Allen and charged him with possessing heroin.

Police then questioned the council member who told them he started using heroin six weeks ago for his back pain and that he bought heroin from a drug dealer before he was arrested.

Newswatch 16 went to where Allen lives to get his side but no one answered the door.

"It's a shame for him personally. I don't think it's a reflection of the town. It's a personal reflection of him and his struggles," said Loomis.

"Hopefully he can get the help he needs and be better," said Berkowitz.

As for the future of Neil Allen on the council, the council president said they aren't making any decisions yet because he hasn't been convicted.