Council V.P.’s Position Uncertain

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STROUDSBURG -- The vice president of Stroudsburg borough council was not at Wednesday night's regular meeting.

Neil Allen, 34, was arrested over the weekend, charged with buying heroin.

Police said they found 10 bags of the drug in his pants pocket after a buy outside Kay`s Tavern Sunday.

"It's not fair that he can be on just because he dresses up with a suit," said Monica Oney of East Stroudsburg, who spoke out at the meeting.

She wanted to know what council members plan to do about that.

"I think he should go to jail he should. He's no better than anybody else. If that was one of us, we would be in jail by now, we wouldn't be walking the street," said Oney.neil allen mon drugs

Council members and the council solicitor said they have not had any word from Allen and for now, there is nothing they can or will do about the charges he faces.

"He certainly has not been convicted he's entitled to his day you know. We still adhere to the constitutional provisions that you're innocent until proven guilty," said solicitor Ralph Matergia.

While Allen's position on council remains uncertain, people living and working in Stroudsburg said his arrest should come as a wake-up call.

"The drug problem is rampant, and I'm for sure that if there were mandatory drug tests with all the councilman and politicians for that fact, people would be surprised just how rampant the drug problem is," said Randolph Getz of Jim Thorpe.

"If it was some person with a lesser position they probably wouldn't have a job and be in jail right now so I think the people with status should be treated like the people with less status," said Johnny Johnson of East Stroudsburg.

Newswatch 16 tried to contact Allen for comment. We were not successful.