Taste Test: Snyder’s Flavor Doubles

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STROUDSBURG -- Some times it's nice to kick back relax and have a nice cold beverage, but what's a cold beverage without some tasty snacks, like pretzels perhaps?

This weeks taste test is full of what you might call bursting flavor on a pretzel.

For some people pretzels just aren't pretzels, without some beer to wash them down.

That's why we decided to take some bags of Snyder's New Flavor Doubles to Yard of Ale in Stroudsburg to match the new flavors with a few brews.

The two new flavors are Hot Buffalo Wing and Buttermilk Ranch and Cheddar Cheese and Cracked Pepper.

Our first taste tester is a brewmaster himself and a bartender at Yard of Ale.

"Well it definitely tastes like a buttermilk ranch and hot wing pretzel. That's what they were shooting for they did a really good job. What kind of beer would go with it? Usually IPA's are good with spicy foods because they bring out spices. So we have Flower Power on draft and Bear Republic Racer 5," said bartender Devin Vogel.

And for the Cheddar Cheese and Cracked Pepper flavor?

"I would go with a Shawnee Craft Session Porter because it's very rich and smooth and would probably cut down on that spice a little bit," Vogel added.

After we got a brewmaster's opinion we decided to ask the customers what they thought of the Hot Buffalo Wing and Buttermilk flavor.

"I thought it was okay, but I don't know with the beer, it didn't go quite as well as the other one." Michelle: "So the other one was the Cheddar Cheese and Cracked Pepper." Larry:"Right which was awesome. I recommend it highly, can't go wrong," said customer Lenny Lombardo from New Jersey.

"The cracked pepper was very good. I could taste the pepper and the cheddar cheese was really good," said Daniel Wolk from Lake Wallenpaupack.

"That was a lot better than the other one. I enjoyed that one very much, with what I'm drinking, Dogfish," Wolk added.

The overall conclusion: the Hot Buffalo Wing and Buttermilk Ranch started off with a huge blast of flavor. The cheddar cheese and cracked pepper was true to its flavor, and smooth the whole way through with a little kick of pepper.

We found Snyder's flavor doubles at Walmart for 2.98 a bag.