Snow Supplies Still Linger with Spring Around the Corner

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY – With just one day until the official start of spring, hardware stores in Lackawanna County are keeping their snow shovels displays assembled and snow blowers front and center.

Several stores are welcoming the extra winter sales, but are anxious to start thinking spring.

The scraping of shovels against cold pavement – it’s a sound many dread this time of year. But Mother Nature threw a curveball, leaving a few inches of snow across northeastern and central PA.

At Justus True Value Hardware near Waverly shovels are still on display right at the front door.

"We try to have everything in stock when we need it, and we don`t have everything but we do have some, if somebody needs a shovel, we do have it," said Justus True Value Hardware Store Manager Brian Mushel.

Workers say a few customers began stocking up early in the morning.

At the Dalton Do-It Center workers are also welcoming some extra winter business. There’s several supplies left over and even a few deals.

"We have a couple snow blowers left that we`d be willing to part with for a little discount, but that`s about it," said Dalton Do-It Center Manager Scott LaCoe.

Only one stack of rock salt is left at the Dalton Do-It Center, workers say they haven`t sold any since this latest storm, and their customers are thinking spring.

They’ve lined up garden hoses and lawn tools for those hoping for warmer weather and shopping early.

"Yes, we`re ready for spring, as soon as that weather breaks we`re ready to go,” said Mushel.

Sharon Knight of Lake Ariel says she’s not letting any amount of snow slow her down and didn’t even bother to clear her walkway.

"You know what I did shovel some of it, and the rest of it I said, let it melt,” said Knight.

She’s starting some home improvement projects and thinking spring, hoping this is the last of the snow she’ll see for a while.

"I`m looking at the grill and thinking 'wow, when can I fire it up?'” said Knight.

Spring officially begins at 7:02 a.m. Wednesday.