Rock Salt Surplus Keeps Road Crews Under Budget

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HAZLETON – The public works supervisor says a surplus of 300 tons of rock salt after last year’s lackluster winter has helped his department stay within budget during a much busier plowing season.

Frank Vito told Newswatch 16 that unused material was used in this year’s stockpile, which has helped the cash-strapped city stay within its budgeted 1,800 tons or rock salt and anti-skid.

"It`s certainly somewhat of a monotonous season because it`s a lot of nuisance storms but a lot of the storms in the Hazleton area have been sleet, freezing rain with the snow. We’ve been going through a lot more material than I anticipated,” said Vito.

Vito said crews will keep the plows and spreaders on trucks for a few more weeks, in case there is an spring snow storm.

"Anything can happen. I mean, we`ve had snow in the middle of April. Again the sun is up in the air, nice and high and the days are getting warmer,” said Vito. “I’m sure whatever comes isn`t going to stay much."