Care Center Celebrates Anniversary

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DANVILLE -- A community care facility in Montour County is wrapping up a year's worth of celebrations to observe its 50th anniversary.

An American flag was raised outside Maria Joseph Manor, which is a community care center near Danville. The facility is celebrating more than 50 years of being a home to the elderly.

"It wasn't just that they were here and we were giving them care. They weren't just in a room, they were forming a community and a family," Sister Michael Ann Orlik said.

Maria Joseph Manor outside Danville is run by the sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Sister Michael Ann Orlik says the care center started out with eight residents, and has expanded to serve hundreds of people.

"In those days it was senior citizens and now of course it's personal care. We have expanded to skilled care and independent living as well," Orlik said.

Maria Joseph Manor is a non-denominational facility. It has two chapels and holds mass everyday, which is a favorite of many residents.

"The fact that I can go to church everyday and do the things that I want to do," Margaret Dugan said.

Margaret Dugan and Evelyn Lane call Maria Joseph Manor home. Lane has lived there for ten years and says she couldn't be happier.

"Everybody bends over backwards to help. They're very caring and loving," Lane said.

Staff at Maria Joseph Manor hope for as much happiness and success in the next 50 years.