Teacher Accused of Inappropriate Conduct in the Classroom

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NANTICOKE – Authorities in Luzerne County said that they are investigating claims of classroom misconduct by a male teacher at Greater Nanticoke Area High School on Friday.

According to police, the allegations of an incident away from other students during a 5th period class, were made by three female students.

Officers said the alleged incident was described as misconduct, not inappropriate contact with the students.

One parent told Newswatch 16 that she was upset that she learned about the allegations against a teacher from rumors that her daughter saw on social media websites, instead of being notified from the school district.

"From the school, I didn't hear anything. But my daughter came home and said one of the teachers had been suspended, for suspicion of inappropriate behavior,” said Marta Woolbert. "I would just hope that my children would know to come to me, to go to an adult if something like that is going on."

Woolbert said her daughter was told by other staff members inside the school that the teacher under investigation has been suspended.

The district superintendent and teachers’ union did not return calls or emails for comment on the allegations made against the teacher.