Rush for Tickets to the Big Dance

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UNION COUNTY - It was a race for tickets to see the big dance. Alumni, students, and Bison fans were calling to get their hands on tickets as Bucknell tips off against Butler in the NCAA tournament, on Thursday.

"It`s been crazy, it always is when a school of our size gets an opportunity like this to go to the NCAA Tournament, everyone wants to go, and support the team," said Senior Associate Director of Athletics Todd Newcomb.

Bucknell's Athletic Office said it's sold just about half of the tickets they have for the Rupp Arena this Thursday priced at $95 a seat.

Melissa Replogle is just one of the students along for the ride to Lexington, Kentucky for the first round game, leading the schools pep band.

"There`s a whole lot more energy, everyone is really excited and there are a lot of people there," said Replogle.

While other student athletes said it's exciting to see the school selected for the tournament for the fourth time in nine years.

"It is actually really exciting, I know last year they just missed out on it, it`s going to be exciting to watch," said freshman football player Louis Tiglianetti.

For many Bucknell student fans, they said they aren`t buying tickets because of the long drive, but they`ll be cheering on the Bison in the Rupp Arena on campus.

"People on campus will definitely be going wild for it, I mean, I`m a freshman so I don`t have a car, so I can`t make it out there," said freshman Jared Krosser.

Krosser and many of his freshman friends said they'll be rooting on the Bison and hope's they'll advance to the next round.

"Go Bucknell, 'ray Bucknell, 'ray Bucknell," said Krosser.

Those still looking to make the trip to the Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky can call the Bucknell Campus Box Office from 11 am to 2pm Tuesday.