March Snowstorm

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People in central Pennsylvania were the first to feel the effects of Monday’s March snowstorm.

Snow coated the streets, making driving a challenge, and shoveling a chore. But, we found some who were actually happy to see Old Man Winter stick around a little longer.

Traffic was moving slowly in Bloomsburg. About three inches of snow blanketed the streets in Columbia County. While many tried to stay clear of the roads, a few didn't mind driving through the snow.

"I like driving in the snow, so it doesn’t really matter. Just watch out for other drivers and don’t go fast. Just be careful, that’s all," said Joe Crone of Bloomsburg.

We caught up with another Bloomsburg resident who wasn't a snow lover, but wasn't surprised by its late season arrival.

"They say March is the month of four seasons. It can be hot, cold, windy, rainy and spring-like," said Linda Shultz of Bloomsburg.

In Montour County, there were D.P.W. trucks plowing the streets as snow flurries began to coat downtown Danville. For one woman there, the snow was a reminder of the weather she wished she had.

"I wish it would just go away, I’m ready for spring. I want spring to be here, I’m tired of the sickness, and tired of having to shovel, I’m just ready for spring, the flowers and the grass," said Angelina Ruth of Danville.

For Danville resident, Keith Gerringer, shoveling snow was not how he wanted to spend his Monday.

"It’s wet and its sticking to my shovel, but I don’t mind the snow. It’s just a simple fact that everyone is ready for spring, that’s for sure," said Gerringer.

But not everyone was dreaming of spring.

Just down the street, Chris Ickes and his nephew Damon Rasmussen, were enjoying the winter wonderland with a friendly snowball fight.

"It’s really fun, I love playing in the snow and I never have made a snowman but it really is fun to play snowball fights," said Rasmussen.