Family: Alleged Shooter Angry Over Child Custody

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MOOSIC -- The Lackawanna County Coroner now says that a man who was killed Sunday night in Moosic was shot in the neck. The person accused of shooting him is now behind bars.

That alleged shooter is Adam Wickizer, 29, of Moosic. He is locked up at the Lackawanna County Prison without bail, charged with shooting Christopher Hughes, 23, from Pittston.

Newswatch 16 talked to some of Wickizer's family members who said the two men never got along. They were both in love with the same woman.

State Police said 911 dispatchers got a call from Christopher Hughes Sunday night telling them Adam Wickizer was on the front porch of his home in Moosic with a rifle. But, while cops were on their way, dispatchers heard a shot, and a scream then the connection cut off.

Christopher Hughes was found dead with a shot to his neck. And many of the residents at the Moosic Trailer Park, were out on their porches wondering what was going on.

Hours later, troopers arrested Adam Wickizer.

According to court papers, Wickizer fired a single shot at Hughes when Hughes and his girlfriend, Dana Anderson, came to pick up a son that Anderson and Wickizer had together.

In the daylight, family members made sense of why this all happened.

Newswatch 16 spoke to Adam Wickizer's brother who said Adam never got over his break-up with Anderson, wanted to spend more time with his 8-year-old son, and resented Hughes.

Wickizer's brother also said Adam was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and had a history of criminal activity. He was convicted of arson back in 2006.

Police said Wickizer told them earlier on Sunday he and Anderson were at a soap box derby for their son and Anderson criticized Wickizer's car. They believe that could have been a trigger.

Police said Wickizer had his rifle ready when Anderson and Hughes came up to his door.