Bullying Victim’s Mother Speaks Out

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SUNBURY -- A mother in Sunbury spoke out after videos of her teenage son being assaulted, were posted on Facebook. Three teenagers were charged last week in connection with the assaults.

Images of a 14-year-old boy being assaulted inside Shikellamy High School's cafeteria are disturbing. Cell phone video was taken of the same boy being attacked back in February, while he was on his way home from school in Sunbury. Both videos were posted on Facebook.

"They are ruthless. They will come directly to your house. It's just getting out of control," said Billie Tinley, mother of the boy bullied .

Police said Tinley's son was the victim in both videos. She said her son was bullied since 2010, when the family moved to Sunbury.  Tinley says the fighting started after a rumor was spread about her son supposedly hitting a girl.

"Instead of people asking when, where, how, or coming right to the source, they immediately spread the rumor," Tinley said.

Sunbury police said teens were encouraging other teenagers to make these violent videos, and to show them off on facebook. Tinley said her son suffered a head injury after a classmate repeatedly punched him.

"As soon as the school nurse called me, I am on my way to the school, I am checking facebook. There it is," Tinley said.

Tinley believes other students are being bullied, too. She hopes their parents come forward.

"I will protect my kids at all costs. If other parents want to do the same thing and stand beside me, we will fight it together," Tinley said.

Sunbury police arrested three teenagers in connection with the assaults on Tinley's son. They expect to arrest at least one more teen.