Students Enjoying School Upgrades

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STROUDSBURG -- The school year has only a few months to go but some students in the Poconos may not want to leave. Their school is getting all sorts of upgrades and students are loving it.

Stroudsburg High School is still half school, half construction zone, but students don't seem to mind. In fact, many of them are excited about the new look and say all the construction commotion is worth it.

Choir Students at Stroudsburg High now have a newer and more upgraded classroom to practice their vocals.

And next door, students involved in the school orchestra also have their own new and improved room.

"There's so many more lockers, so much more room, it's more comfortable for all of us, and just a lot more motivation I think, knowing that we have this," said sophomore Sabrina Grohowski.

"The old orchestra room was crowded, it was small, the locker rooms were just a mess, and now we have everything in one room. It's terrific," said senior Michael Kozak.

Students in drama class are very excited about their new digs: a brand new auditorium, new stage, catwalks, seats, lighting and surround sound.

"It's a lot nicer. It's more illuminated, because it was kind of dark and dingy before. It's a lot cleaner…more designs, it's not plain. Before it had plain walls, now it's more comforting," said senior John Paul Sanchez.

"I'm not sure you saw it before, but there was not a nice ceiling. There was fungus up there, crazy, the seats were falling apart and being in drama, and on stage, I find it beautiful," said senior Brandi Cruz.

While students are enjoying the amenities of the new auditorium, the construction continues, literally next door, but with all the commotion, students say it's worth it in the end.

"Construction workers walking down the halls with beams, and stuff like that, they're just like, 'ignore them.' At first it was like, 'what's going on?' but I think it was worth it, the school really needed it," said Sanchez.

When the renovation and construction is complete in the fall of 2015, there won't be one area of Stroudsburg High School that  wasn't  upgraded

There will be 30 more classrooms.

And for the first time in at least ten years, the freshman will be in the high school.