Shamrocks Along The Streets Of Pittston

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PITTSTON -- The luck of the Irish is coming to downtown Pittston. Shamrocks and green and orange now line the streets of the city and it's all thanks to one man who started a fundraising campaign on Facebook.

If you look up when you're walking through downtown Pittston this weekend you might notice the city got an Irish makeover.

The man behind the city's new Irish canvas is Paul Reedy from Pittston Township.

"I knew that there were other people out there that like myself would want to honor their Irish heritage," said Reedy.

When Pittston started cleaning up its downtown a few years ago and installed new light poles, the old St. Patrick's Day flags didn't fit. But the city didn't have the funds to buy new ones. So Reedy started raising money through Facebook. He raised $2,000 in four days.

"It's a struggle, so to get donations, they come in here and there, but usually not that fast," said Pittston Mayor Jason Klush.

It was enough money for 40 banners that Mayor Klush hung all morning with the city's former mayor and current councilman.

Business owners downtown say the new banners are a great addition to the city. Even some of the Italians are feeling a little bit of the luck of the Irish.

"They're always changing. Every holiday they put a different one. So those are the ones that we needed. They're nice. So we're waiting for the next ones," said Antonio Costagliola, owner of Napoli's Pizza.

Reedy says he raised enough for another 26 banners for next year, and all of this was done within the last two weeks.

"To see our efforts come to fruition, I can't tell you how it feels. We're filled with pride."

A little shamrock pride to share with the Pittston community.