Pottsville Ready For St. Pat’s Party

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POTTSVILLE -- Another round of parades and parties in our area for St. Patrick's Day.

The city of Pottsville will hold its 38th annual parade but for many the festivities have already started.

At the Greystone Restaurant in Pottsville, the Saint Patrick`s Day celebration is in full swing.

Many said it's the holiday where it's okay to go crazy.

“It`s just a fun one to dress up for and just flash and blink just like Halloween, they`re the two holidays that I go all out for,” said Lou Ann Swinehart of Schuylkill Haven, who came decked out in flashy, blinky lights. “I got them at flashyblinkylights.com,” she said laughing.

Pottsville's annual parade kicks off at West Market and 10th Streets.

This year, Pottsville Mayor John Reiley has been given the honor of serving as Grand Marshal, since he is retiring after 13 years in office.

“Well, I`m sure they could have had someone more deserving than me, but I guess they`re glad to see me step down as mayor so, that`s why they wanted to do that,” laughed Reiley. “That`s the Irish blarney speaking, right?”

Employees at both the Greystone and at Maroon`s said parade day is great for business.

“It gets very, very busy in here, lots of people, lots of fun, we have bag pipers that come in and walk through,” said Alysia Frederick at Maroon’s.

Guests at Maroon`s said they`ll do their best helping those bars see green on Saint Pat`s.

“I`m taking advantage of tomorrow. I have a sitter so I`m going out with some friends,” said Jenn Strencoski.

“I`m pretty much 75% Irish myself, so oh yeah, we`ll start tomorrow probably in the morning,” said Bill Devers from Port Carbon.

The Saint Patrick's Day events start early Saturday, beginning with the mass at 8 a.m. at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in Pottsville.