Hugo Selenski Heading Back to State Prison

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WILKES-BARRE -- It was the first time in months Hugo Selenski entered the Luzerne County Courthouse, and he was as calm as ever.

"How are you feeling, Hugo?" Newswatch 16 asked.

"Good, good. Thanks for asking," Hugo Selenski said.

Last year, Selenski was in state prison for a violent home invasion and robbery in Monroe County. In September 2012, he was set to stand trial for the 2002 murders of Tammy Fasset and her boyfriend Michael Kerkowski in the Back Mountain of Luzerne County.

For that trial, he was moved to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility, but the trial was postponed. He was never moved back to state prison. That's why he was in court again.

The warden from Luzerne County said since Hugo Selenski escaped from the prison in 2003, he requires a lot of security and guards. That translates to high costs and wasted space.

The warden asked that Selenski be moved back to state prison while he awaits a new trial date, and the judge agreed.

Selenski's attorney said the conditions at the state prison are inadequate, but while leaving court, Selenski seemed to think he wouldn't be spending much time behind bars anyway.

"I`m going to walk out the front door when this is over," said accused killer Hugo Selenski.

The case has dragged on now for more than 10 years. Family members of the victims are just hoping Selenski goes to trial soon so they can put Tammy Fassett's and Michael Kerkowski's murders to rest.

"To see the pictures and to watch my sister coming up out of that three foot hole, wrapped in a blanket, with duct tape and duct ties around her hands, her neck, and her feet, he should be strung up," said Tammy Fassett's sister Lisa Sands.

Selenski is in the middle of serving a 32 to 64 year sentence for that home invasion and robbery in the Poconos. No word yet on how soon Selenski will be moved from the Luzerne County Correctional Facility to the state prison.

Dan Ratchford March 19, 20133:20 pm

Selenski was moved to SCI Mahanoy in Schuylkill County on Monday.