Prom Dresses Donated to Help Teens

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WILKES-BARRE - Prom gowns collecting dust in closets are now getting put to good use. Three seniors at Wilkes University are selling used prom gowns while raising money for a good cause.

Sparkles and sequins, for every shape and size. Three seniors at Wilkes University have collected nearly 200 used prom dresses to sell to high school students looking to save some cash for their big night.

"They're going to save a lot of money, the prom dresses are in great shape, so I'm just hoping we have a really good turnout," said Wilkes University Senior Cassidy Strickland.

Katherine Cirone is organizing the dresses for the prom dress spectacular, sizes zero to 15 and every color imaginable - some of them never worn."It might even give some people the opportunity to go if they can get a cheaper dress because I know some of my friends didn't go to prom because they couldn't afford a dress," said Cirone.

All of these colorful gowns will be at the Wilkes University Student Henry Center this weekend, where girls can pick out their perfect prom dress for as little as $20 dollars.

The money will all be donated to the Relay for Life which benefits the American Cancer Society.

Elizabeth Hesel who helped organized this sale to benefit this year's relay at Wilkes and said it's a mission she's passionate about.

"My aunt passed away from cancer a couple years ago, and we did relay a year before that, and I realized how big of an impact the American Cancer Society really does play in the situation," said Helsel.

The girls said not only will these dresses get a second chance to shine, they'll help bring in a good deal of money.

"It's awesome that we can raise possibly 2,000, 3,000 dollars to go through this event, I don't know it's unbelievable," said Helsel.

"I cannot wait to see what actually comes from this, I'm so excited," said Cirone.

Girls looking for a gown can stop at the Wilkes University Henry Student Center this Saturday from 9 am to 2pm.