Pittston Church Vandalized

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PITTSTON -- The United Methodist Church in Pittston is a place to gather and worship, but lately, the building has been a target.

Vandals broke a stained glass window in January.

In the last month, they have smashed another stained glass window and wrecked the church sign outside, leaving letters scattered on the sidewalk.

Church officials installed motion detecting lights, but despite that, there has been more damage.

"Last week when I come down to do the bulletins, I always look at the windows now and when I turned my head to the left, I saw the other window broken," said Cathy Grillini of the church.

The United Methodist Church is right across the street from the Pittston Police Department.

People in the area said the vandalism is surprising.

"It's a disgrace to the city you know? We try to uphold all our criminal activity, and we've been doing pretty good lately but you know it's sometimes kids come around, you don't have people down in an alleyway, cops are somewhere else it just happens," said Pittston Mayor Jason Klush.

"They should put some video cameras out if they keep coming back, you know? I'm at a loss for words really," said Brian Wesley of Pittston.

The folks at the church said the damage will cost them thousands.

Their congregation is small and money is tight, but they said they are considering installing security cameras.

"You know anybody's property is important to them. I don't know, they don't have anything better to do than to destroy churches, you know? It's it's not right," said Grillini.

There was a window damaged at Saint John The Evagelish church right next to United Methodist Church when the vandalism started, but Pittston police said it seems that church is the only one being hit repeatedly by vandals.