Rifles and Drugs found in Newfoundland Home

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NEWFOUNDLAND -- Two teens are in custody after investigators found semi-automatic rifles and drugs inside a home in Wayne County.

Officers found an AR-15, an AK-47, marijuana and more, less than 1000 feet away from a school.

State Police and the Wayne County D.A.'s Task Force said they found the items inside a teen's home in Newfoundland.

The D.A.'s office says an undercover drug deal led officers to 18-year old Alejandro Enrique Vela-Garrett's home along Route 191. Both Vela-Garrett and 18-year old Brandon Forman of Wilkes-Barre were taken into custody Tuesday night.

Allen Eaton lives in the upstairs apartment in this home and heard Troopers break down the front door.

"When I seen the kids it was 'hi, bye' more or less. I`ve seen them playing basketball down at the school yard. You know, they`re kids," said Eaton.

Vela-Garrett was arrested on a felony warrant from an incident in Florida and Foreman for conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, also a felony - both here in Pennsylvania.

Karl Paulsen owns a store right across the road from where all of the weapons and drugs were found.

"Well, we`re really kind of happy, they were giving us a little bit of a problem here regarding shop lifting and just causing ruckus in stores," said store owner Karl Paulsen.

Many people who live and work near this home in Newfoundland say they weren`t surprised to hear of this bust, but they hope it sends a message to the community.

"I wish it would but no, mainly the last three years, it`s shocking when you find a kid that`s doing real well and actually wants to do something with his life," said Crime Watch Organizer Pete Pardi.

"He`s down here making the whole house look bad, and I have to stay you know, he`s making the whole area look bad," said Eaton.

Many are hopeful this bust makes others involved in illegal activity in this neighborhood think-twice.

"It seems that this area is a nest of problem here that we just need to get it cleaned up," said Paulsen.

The two individuals are locked up in Wayne County and more charges are expected to be filed against Vela-Garrett soon.